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Our Daily Routine has a 'common sense' approach; balancing the learning activities with self-help and hygiene skills, play times and rest times. Stories and books, singing and rhymes, free play, role play, arts and crafts, messy play intersperse throughout the daily learning activities, each day.

For babies in our infants group, we prefer to follow the individual child's home routine. Each child has a daily schedule, which outlines feeding, sleeping and changing times. This age group tends to follow a less structured day and parents are informed of every part of the child's day through Communication Books, emails and chatting with parents on a daily basis.

Circle time and morning greetings start the day, before children move into carefully planned activities designed around monthly topics. Meal times are a special part of the day, with children joining together to learn about healthy eating habits and socializing with the other children. We also encourage independence with supervised self-feeding.

Towards the end of the day, we encourage the children to wind down with 'quiet time' and 'rest periods' before preparing for pick up time.

Afternoon club 2pm till 6pm children are clubbed together and continue with fun actives until they are picked up.